Is the child still one year old? Do This Exciting Activity!

Is the child still one year old? Do This Exciting Activity!

In undergoing growth and development, babies who have entered the age of 1 year will enter a stage where babies begin to learn to walk and talk. Babies will find the process enjoyable.

According to a child and adult psychologist named Robert Myers, Ph.D. activities that involve young children directly interacting with their parents will positively impact them in undergoing the process of growth and development. The following are activities that need to be taught to the child at one year.

Activities that need to be taught to the child at one year

  • 1. Tube Talk

    One more activity that needs to be taught to the child at one year of age can improve the language skills of the little one that you can apply to him, Tube Talk or playing by talking with a tube. This unique activity is said to increase the ability to concentrate in listening, you know, Ma!

    Tools needed: a long tube, which you can make by cutting the top and bottom of a 1-liter plastic drink bottle.

    Activity: Put the long tube in the mouth or ears of Mama and Little One when you talk or hear each other, alternately. You can make funny sounds to encourage the response of an adorable mama's child.

  • 2. The game "go and get"

    At the age of 1 year, your little one's brain will increasingly show a growing process of growth. Of course, you are strongly advised to take part in assisting and ensuring your little one goes through a fair brain formation process, especially for essential memory skills. In this case, Mama can help with activities that need to be taught to the child when the little one is one year old. Namely with a game called "Go and Get," which is popular among western families.

  • 3. Tools needed: plastic balls or other safe objects.

    Activity: In a place that you have made sure is safe, and under control, you can place your little one at a somewhat distant distance. Ask baby for help to fetch some of the items around him, as Mama has put them randomly. When asking for help, Mama is advised to mention the name of the item. Therefore, make sure that your little one knows each thing, right, Ma!

  • 4. Find the dot

    When your little one goes through growth and development, experts in children emphasize that you can help your little one also to know himself and understand his physical existence, which has a positive impact on important aspects of self-awareness. You can start this by introducing some of the body parts.

    To make it even more exciting, you can do this through activities that your child needs to teach at one year, which is fun and straightforward, like Find the dot or look for specific blemishes on his face.

  • 5. Tools needed: Lipstick.

    Activity: Scribble dots from the face of the lipstick to the front of the mother's child. Then, Mama can play by pretending to cross all her faces to get his attention. When the baby hand touches his face, say the name of the part of the countenance it feels, such as, "That's the nose." Then, help Little find the graffiti by bringing it to the mirror and waiting for the child to try to touch or wipe the lipstick color on his face. Don't forget that Mama is still asked to say the name of each part of her face when your fingers touch her face.

Well, now you are encouraged to do the seven exciting activities above with your one-year-old Mama.