Get to know the religious tourism spots in the Vatican.

Get to know the religious tourism spots in the Vatican.

This time we will discuss some of the tourist destinations in the Vatican that you can visit. Besides beauty, there is historical value in every tourist destination in the Vatican. The Vatican state itself can be said to be a country full of historical and artistic artifacts. There are so many thick locations with cultural value and a long history—several places you can visit.

4 Tourist Attractions in the Vatican

  • 1. Sistine Chapel

    As one of the countries with many historical tourist attractions in the world, the Vatican is indeed a historic country that we can visit to learn at the same time. One of the tourist destinations in the Vatican that we can see is the Sistine Chapel. This building is one of the facilities that fall under the scope of the Apostolic Palace.

    The palace is the official residence of the Pope, who is in the Vatican. This one building can be said to be one of the most beautiful and beautiful buildings. The Sistine Chapel itself was built from 1473 to 1481. This building is one of the most famous buildings.

  • 2. Saint Peter Balisica

    This one building is one of the Christmas tourist destinations abroad, which is a must-visit. When Christmas day arrives, there will be a lot of people coming to this church. Those who have one goal of attending the Christmas mass, which is always held at this church.

    Saint Peter's Basilica itself was built in 1506. If we look at this one building, we will see lots of statues by Michelangelo. If you visit the Vatican, you took the time to come to visit this one Vatican tourist spot. We can learn about the beauty and splendor it presents and the long history behind its construction and will undoubtedly add to the array of tourist experiences.

  • 3. Saint Peter Square

    This one place is a field, or you could say a vast square in the Vatican. The location of this field itself is right in front of Saint Peter's Basilica.  The tourists will usually use this square as a marker or as a reference to start their tour.

  • 4. Vatican Necropolis

    The location of this Vatican tourist spot can be said to be unique and exciting. This is because the location of this tourist spot is not above the surface but under Saint Basilica. This place can be said to be a kind of ancient cemetery since Roman times. The opening and first excavation of this place took place in 1940-1949.

    Since then, various rooms and various structures have been discovered under this Saint Basilica. to be able to see and experience and feel the atmosphere of this place, we cannot just come.

Those were some of the tourist sites in the Vatican that you can visit. Each of these locations will certainly provide a unique and exciting experience for your vacation. However, don't forget to keep preparing all your holiday needs well in advance. This is so that your vacation will be memorable and enjoyable. Hopefully, this information is useful.