Country Recommendations for Where to Study Abroad (Low Cost Even Free)

Country Recommendations for Where to Study Abroad (Low Cost Even Free)

Some countries have tuition fees or tuition fees that are quite friendly in the pocket, and some are even free. Some countries offer affordable living costs.  And, if you find a combination of the two, you can make your dream of studying abroad a reality. Check out the full list of recommendations country for studying abroad.

3 Country Recommendations for Studying Abroad

  • 1. German

    There is a reason why Germany is one of the recommendation countries for studying abroad. First, Germany is the home of the world's best universities. Second, tuition fees in this country, known as the land of poets and thinkers, are relatively cheap. This is because Germany holds the philosophy that higher education must be affordable and accessible.

    Germany exempts tuition fees for undergraduate alias S1. As for S2, those who choose majors related to their undergraduate majors can get facilities free of tuition fees. Those who prefer a different major than an undergraduate generally have to pay a tuition fee of around € 500 or 8.5. For living expenses, you need around € 8,700- 9600. Germany also offers scholarships for students, namely the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst or DAAD.

  • 2. Norway

    You don't have to pay tuition fees if you study in this country. It is enough to pay the administration fee each semester of NOK 300-600. This applies to all levels of college, from undergraduate to doctoral degrees. The good news is, this policy also applies to international students like you. Wow! Suppose you want to study in Norway using scholarship funds. In that case, you can register for the Quota Scheme scholarship intended for international students from developing countries, including Indonesia, who wish to continue their postgraduate and doctoral education. Norway is one of the recommended countries for studying abroad.

    Universities in Norway offer many courses that have the language of instruction is English. On average, local people are fluent in English. The best universities in the country are the University of Oslo (Universitetet I Oslo), University of Bergen (Universitetet I Bergen), and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norges technical-naturvitenskapelige Universitet or NTNU).

  • 3. Taiwan

    In Asia, Taiwan is one of the recommendation countries for studying abroad. This country is one of the friendliest countries for international students. The Taiwan government itself is intensively trying to attract international students to study in Taiwan. It has a target to have 150 thousand international students by 2020. It's no wonder that this country, with Taipei's capital city, has various facilities that are a pity to miss for international students. Based on a government survey of international students, some of the advantages of studying in Taiwan are its high-quality academic resources, a rich cultural environment, and good job prospects in the future.

    For tuition fees, universities in Taiwan offer a tuition fee of TWD 50,000-79,000, or Taiwan also offers various scholarship schemes for international students. IT including the MOE Taiwan Scholarship, MOST Taiwan Scholarship, Academia Sinica Taiwan International Graduate Program, and International Higher Education Scholarship Programs of Taiwan or ICDF.

So, those are some country recommendations for study abroad places that you can visit. There is no obstacle to stop studying abroad.