7 Tips to Make Babies Sleep Fast at Night

7 Tips to Make Babies Sleep Fast at Night

Apart from eating, babies need sleep. During sleep, growth hormone works to stimulate bone and tissue growth, to regulate the body's metabolism and baby's brain development.

Until the age of one month, babies need about 18 hours of sleep per day. Entering two months years, It will reduce the baby's sleep hours to 12-14 hours. Babies do not know the time of day and night. As a result, he often sleeps too long during the day and is awake at night. This condition often makes parents become like 'zombies.' Here are tips to make babies sleep fast at night.

7 Tips to Make Babies Sleep Fast at Night

  • 1. Calm down by swaddling the baby

    tips to make babies sleep fast at night can be by pushing the baby. Babies like warm air. Babies are also often shocked, so they quickly wake up. Using a swaddle can help with cold and shock reflexes. Swaddling makes babies feel hugged and immediately sleeps again when they wake up. Choose a swaddling cloth that is soft and comfortable on the baby's skin, or if you want to be contemporary, you can choose the instant swaddle that is trending.

  • 2. Using a white room

    White noise is a sound combination of various frequencies that can 'mask' disturbing sounds, such as the sound of people talking, opening doors, or other activities. White noise can be the tip to make babies sleep fast at night.

    White noise adopts the condition when the baby is in the womb surrounded by amniotic fluid. At that time, the baby hears sounds outside the womb such as breath sounds, heartbeat, mother's voice while talking or singing simultaneously.

    White noise is also useful for stopping babies from crying. The easiest way to do this is by 'shushing,' and you can again turn on a fan or hairdryer. Currently, there are also special tools to produce this white noise sound.

  • 3. Sing Soft Music

    Music can also make babies fall asleep. Try playing soft classical music. Adjust the music volume so that it is heard but not loud. Not sure which music to choose? Try playing children's songs by singers Renee and Jeremy.

  • 4. Reducing the frequency of changing her diapers

    Pediatricians recommend reducing frequent diaper changes at night. Near bedtime at night, put the baby in a diaper with high absorption and leakage properties to have a maximum sleep time.

    Change the diaper if your little one has a bowel movement. Use a cotton swab or tissue that has been soaked in warm water so that the baby is not surprised by the touch of cold water and even stays awake all night. Therefore, do these tips like tips for making babies sleep fast at night.

  • 5. Use the Baby Swing

    Today's mothers can use baby swings and baby rockers to make it easier for babies to fall asleep. The vibrations and sway of this device cause the baby to feel rocking. This kind of product is also equipped with a relaxing sound so that he sleeps soundly until morning.

  • 6. Dim bedroom lights

    Use dim light when the baby is going to sleep. Low light will make it easier for your baby to sleep because it makes the eyes relax. Dim lights can also signal the arrival of bedtime. Tips for you, even adjust the lights' location so that the health of her eyes is maintained.

  • 7. Carrying and rocking the baby

    When your little one starts to get restless, you should carry him and swing his body in a hug. This method can be a tip to make the baby sleep fast at night. Swing the baby slowly and gently so that the baby feels comfortable.

those are some tips to make babies sleep fast at night. Hopefully, it can be useful for your baby, so they can sleep well.