5 List of Scholarships To Study in Europe

5 List of Scholarships To Study in Europe

The available scholarships vary in form, ranging from the number of scholarships awarded, the standard criteria set for prospective candidates to the departments and universities that provide scholarships. The following is a list of some of the scholarships available in countries in Europe for international students.

5 List of Scholarships To Study in Europe

  • 1. Chevening Scholarships - UK

    Chevening is a scholarship program for studying in Europe organized by the British government that offers young leaders the opportunity to continue their studies in the UK. This scholarship is awarded to continue postgraduate studies for one year in any major university in the UK. Chevening, which consists of two types, namely, Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships, provides approximately 700 scholarships each year.

    The difference between the Chevening Scholarship and the Chevening Fellowship is the target recipients of the scholarship. The Chevening Scholarship is intended for students who wish to continue their Master's studies and will eventually get a Masters's degree. Whereas the Chevening Fellowship is aimed at professionals in specific fields to deepen their knowledge and skills through short courses and fully funded research projects.

  • 2. Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) - Netherlands

    Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is a scholarship given to citizens who wish to continue their studies in the Netherlands at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or foundation levels. This scholarship program is a partial scholarship program that does not fully fund your research while in the Netherlands. Another thing to remember is that not all universities and majors in the Netherlands are registered in the OTS scheme. If the Dutch educational institution or study program you aim for is not registered in the system, you cannot apply for this scholarship.

  • 3. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LexS) - Netherlands

    LexS is a scholarship program for studying in Europe organized by Leiden University for prospective international students from outside Europe. This scholarship provides an opportunity for prospective students to continue their Master's studies in all Master's study programs available at Leiden University. The scholarship provided consists of three types: Tuition fee funding of EUR 10,000 Tuition fee funding of EUR 15,000 Funding of all tuition fees minus a statutory tuition fee (for study programs starting in February) and February 1 (for study programs that begin in September). For complete information, you can check the story here.

  • 4. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) - Netherlands

    Still from the Netherlands, AMS is a scholarship program to study in Europe, given to outstanding and talented students from outside Europe to continue their Master's studies at the University of Amsterdam. English-based master study programs offered by this scholarship are included in the faculties of Child Development and Education, Communication, Economics and Business, Humanities, Law, Psychology, Science, and Social Sciences. This scholarship provides full funding of EUR 25,000 for tuition fees and living expenses for one year of Master's study there with the possibility of extending the study period by one year.

  • 5. Lund University Global Scholarship - Sweden

    Lund University Global Scholarship is a scholarship program for studying in Europe aimed at outstanding students from outside the European Union to continue their studies, both undergraduate and postgraduate, at Lund University. Funding by this scholarship varies from 25%, 50%, 75%, to 100%. But the thing to remember is that this scholarship only funds your tuition fees and does not fund your living expenses while studying there.

So, those are some scholarship recommendations for studying in Europe. You can try to continue your studies in continental Europe.