4 Tips for Investing in Luxury Goods

Tips for Investing in Luxury Goods

Apart from investing in property or stocks, investing in luxury goods is equally profitable in the future.  Are you also interested in trying this one investment? If so, first know the tips for investing in luxury goods and recommendations for luxury items that can be used as the following investments!

4. Tips for Investing in Luxury Goods

  • 1. Not only adding to the attractiveness of appearance, but bags can also be an investment in luxury goods

    Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, and Dior are some of the most popular branded bag brands by socialites and branded bag hunters. It is quite fantastic, but the selling price is very comparable and can even be many times the purchase price, mostly if it is sold in the future when the collection is rare or not produced. The sale value of branded bags is predicted to reach 72 to 130 percent of the purchase price. Therefore, if you want to invest in luxury goods, you can choose a bag as the object.

  • 2. Men and women can also try investing in luxury goods in the form of shoes

    Not many people know that men's shoes or sneakers have almost equal advantage with the famous shoes of socialites. Shoes are evident from the high interest in buying sports shoe products such as Nike or Adidas, which can reach USD 3,450. It's no wonder that shoes are now one of the targets for those who want to make it a luxury investment.

    If you are interested, start prioritizing shoes from famous limited edition brands with still perfect conditions. Generally, shoe lovers will be more interested in certain brands, mainly if produced on a limited basis. They will not think long enough to spend a lot of money to own one of their favorite brand outputs. You can target some shoe brands because they are still in high demand, namely Adidas, Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy, Valentino, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

  • 3. Who doesn't know the role of gold as a promising investment

    Precious gold metal is known to have high liquidity so that if it is resold, the price of the precious gold metal can provide profit value. Let alone in a year, in a matter of months, the cost can immediately go up.

    If you are interested in investing in precious gold metal luxury goods, focus on bullion. Gold is because the selling value is more stable, and now many marketplaces specifically provide gold investment installments. You can get started quickly and practically.

  • 4. Have you tried rock jewelry as a luxury investment option?

    Jewelry made of gemstones, pearls, or sapphire has no less value than gold. Besides, unique and rare designs also make the prices of these accessories have exorbitant prices.

    The luxurious luster of these three jewelry stones can enhance the appearance of anyone who wears them. Plus, you can sell it at a pretty high price, too, especially for rare jewelry stones in the world.

    Several well-known brands can sell stone jewelry at prices reaching billions of rupiah. No wonder many people are interested in investing in stone jewelry.

    Even so, if you are interested in investing in jewelry, don't forget to keep an eye on where you buy it. Please buy it at a jewelry store in a mall. Because, in addition to quality, the authenticity of the goods is guaranteed.

Those are some items that have high value to be used as an investment in luxury goods. How? Are you increasingly interested in trying?